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Creating a Sustainable Culture of Inclusion at Your Agency

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Demographic shifts are changing the demands on design and product creation every day, and it is a fact that teams that leverage diversity are more creative, more collaborative, and better at solving problems. This thought-provoking workshop is designed for agency leaders and those in charge of recruitment and retention who are committed to empowering their creative workforce to address tough diversity, inclusion and culture questions head-on and strengthen their organization’s core culture. Through this day-long workshop, participants will:

  • Build an understanding of why managing bias are critical to enhancing creativity and breakthrough innovations which ultimately contributes to the success of the design industry and your agency
  • Begin to build an understanding of how to create a more equitable environment for employees of color and LGBTQ employees to do their best work, to thrive and to grow into leadership positions.
  • Gain access to resources to do this work immediately

Diversity, equity and inclusion experts will lead and faciliate the workshop, which is organized and hosted by We Are HERE, a Portland collective of creatives of color and LGBTQ creatives. Space is limited, register early!

Wednesday, April 22nd
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
PNCA @ 511 NW Broadway




We Are Here…

To dismantle historic, systemic, structural exclusion! We need to understand the system before we can dismantle it. We strive to uncover how things work, to demystify the systems we work in, to overcome feeling like imposters, to own our power despite the resources at our access. We Are Here to create spaces for new icons in the industry, to tell new stories, and to foster new mentors and leaders. We Are Here to elevate ourselves, our work, each other and our creative industries, to make systems for living, working and being free. We Are Here to find answers and solutions.

Say What…

of transgender people report incomes below $25,000

Is the racial diversity in book publishing

Less then 1/4 of models were people of color

We aim to create a workable, sustainable group format, which is key to moving the collective.

From our first event and into future programs, workshops, and long lasting culture.

Into the foreground and building an environment for a long lasting reflection of the Portland culture in:

  • Mentorships

  • Workshops

  • Educational Partnerships

  • Community Partnerships

  • Showcasing at creative events

  • Providing a hub resource/research

Creativity is imagination inspiration transcendental boundless action driven


real-world strategies & solutions to the current deficiency in diversity and inclusion in Portland.


the power to change the narrative within the creative environment.


our call to design; “Inviting ourselves to the table.”


the space for under-represented POC + LGBTQ to contribute, celebrate and educate by showcasing our contributions and placing ourselves directly in the creative community.


the talent creative pool, the design school pool, and the urban experience.


what the community will look like for the next wave of creative professionals and create long lasting partnerships.

In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.
-Maya Angelou

We Are HERE is a new collective of designers, illustrators, makers, creatives and beyond, who are POC (people of color) and LGBTQ+. We want to remove the veil in Portland. This collective was formed specifically for POC and LGBTQ+ folks who wish to take action on the questions: “Where are the designers, illustrators and creatives who are people of color and the LGBTQ+ in Portland?” and “How can we increase our visibility and impact?”  We aim to move beyond a discussion about the lack of diversity in the creative industries, and become part of a movement to showcase and grow the visibility of creatives of color (COC) and LGBTQ+ creatives impacting Portland today.



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